Mary Setrakian

"When I arrived in New York more than three decades ago, I was a "good girl" with dreams of performing on Broadway. Even though I felt well-prepared, something was missing. When I found Susan Batson, my life changed: I booked those Broadway musicals I was longing for. I won the Best Actress awards in regional shows. Now, as an international voice teacher (and as the master voice teacher at the Susan Batson Studio, LLC), I am thrilled to share my work connecting voice technique with the tools that Susan gave me, the emotional life. My gratitude for our work together is as big as the Universe."


Antonio Bonilla

I went to Susan Batson Studios on my first trip to New York. I’d been acting for a decade and felt that the studio had more to teach me than any experience I’d had prior. The environment was very nurturing and welcoming to new students. I felt that I got more than I expected out of every class I attended. I also felt that I could contribute which was very important. I highly recommend the studio to anyone who is serious about their acting career. There is only so much that my words can explain and I believe they don’t do the studio justice. Please discover it for yourself and gain your own experience. You won’t regret it.  


Joey Herson

I cannot do justice to the Susan Batson Studio with only words, it has to be experienced. That being said, it is a special, and one of a kind place. It is not for the faint of heart. It is for people who are serious and committed to developing their artist and succeeding in the business. You will be pushed to your limits and beyond, you will succeed, you will fail, and you will press on. But there is a lot of love there and an unfailing and loyal support system, and joy and fun to be experienced. I consider the Susan Batson Studio to be my inception as an actor. It was the first place I really learned to look deep inside myself and find things that had been lying latent for my entire life, and use them in my art. Susan Batson has an otherworldly presence and understanding of the craft of acting, and a shocking perceptiveness. Carl Ford is such a gift and a great guy, and his love and support is unconditional. All I can say is that one must take a class with him, it's an unforgettable experience. The man is a character and a half and his understanding of acting and directing are so complete that one must take advantage. He has coached and guided me one on one in a very helpful way and I will never forget it. I cannot mention the Susan Batson Studio without also mentioning Fiona Graham, Chloe, Tom Brangle, and the other coaches and teachers there. They have all been hand picked and are very committed and great at what they do. The Susan Batson Studio opened me up and helped me begin to drop my defenses in a way that is absolutely necessary to go down the actor's path. Rock on, SBS.


Christina Farah

Choos Choosing the Susan Batson Studio to be my artistic home was one of the most enlightened decisions I have ever made ❤ forever thankful!ing the Susan Batson Studio to be my artistic home was one of the most enlightened decisions I have ever made ❤ forever thankful!


Miguel Manzano

I’m not a writer. When I was asked to sit and put down in words my experience at Susan Batson Studio I felt immediately and immensely honored but also horrified at the same time. What am I going to say? What’s going to happen? What will they think about it? Will I succeed or will I fail? What? Why? When? Where? How? Where is the closest restroom? This is exactly the same train of thought arriving to the station right before going on stage or standing in front of a camera. Ugh, here comes the cold sweat. The burn in the chest. Heart about to go on a strike. Buttery knees and brain readying a quick escape to a galaxy far, far away. How fun is panicking. How fun.

Now, here I am, sitting at a random West Village cafe, thinking about the day I started at SBS: Wednesday, April 1st, 2015. Two years later, I haven’t got any better than that. And probably I never will. But there’s a lot of excitement in that. It makes me feel alive and I love it. This is something I’ve learned, I guess, embracing the fear and make him, or her, your friend. How cool is that? You should try it too.

It’s also complicated for me to dissociate the experience at the Studio from the experience abroad, in NYC, specifically. Maybe I don’t have to, maybe it’s supposed to be like that. Also, 28 was a complicated age, not an adult yet, not a kid anymore. Everything happened to merge then and now, more than two years later, I start to understand the things I’ve found along the way. I found a mentor, something I always wanted but never thought I would find. Someone ahead of the game, always willing to show you where to look, but never what to find. You may not know where you’re going, and you may arrive to a strange place but I promise you will learn so much. Always follow the White Rabbit. The Artistic leader and Spiritual Mother who, very patiently managed to make me see what lies beneath my fears: braveness and courage, generosity and imagination, trust and truth, love and power. She, accompanied by all those beautiful Magicians, taught me how to stir my past with a stick and lift it. Lift it high. We are nothing but our experiences and memories, but we are nothing but our present too. We are all that, ready for the future, despite race, age, sex, religion, politics or preferences of any kind. Beyond those walls, everyone is sacred, everyone is respected, accepted, nurtured and encouraged. I’ve learned to believe in what I am and can become. I’ve learned to listen, and give without waiting anything in return. I’ve learned about my obstacles, barriers and blocks and I’ve learned to accept them, embrace them and take care of them so I can be able to turn them into assets, benefits and fortes. I’ve learned to make myself more than enough, more than strong, more than capable, more than an Actor, more than an Artist: a powerful, accomplished and acquainted man.

Susan Batson Studio will always remain as the Magic Black Box. Black because of its physical color, but black also on its spirituality. Because black owns all the rest of the other colors. As an Artist, as a human being, you will need them all to paint the most beautiful pictures. This is a place where I’ve been pushed to be the best version of myself. To be resilient, generous, curious and kind. To be fearless to be myself. This is the key to happiness and Artistry. The key to enlightenment and wisdom. This place has made me almost indestructible, but I am aware of my fragility too. How magic is that? It might have been New York, it might have been the journey, it might have been my age. But that would be a different story.

Always in the heART.



I embarked on a journey of finding my voice as an actor in Susan Batson Studio. Susan nurtured me. She taught me to give truth to the characters and inspired me to love the art. Her dedication to aspiring actors in the studio is indefatigable and extraordinary. Through Ex-er actor, the teachers helped me to find vulnerability and strength in my identity, my womanhood, my humanism. It is Carl who taught me techniques of the craft, who pushed me to takes more risks and to strive harder. Working in the studio’s supportive atmosphere, I feel my work had transformed. Along this incredible journey, I also gained something invaluable — an actor’s confidence. I am ever so grateful for all the teachers I have the fortune to learn from in Susan Batson Studio.   


Robert J Walker

Since i was introduced to Susan Batson's studio my vessel as an actor has been truly discovered. The experience of being at Susans studio has been a wonderful exploration of myself as an actor and as a person. Susan's technique has allowed my instrument to become limitless. Susan's method has gifted me to become fearless with my actor. I am now able to explore my emotions and hone my craft as a storyteller in ways I've never imagined. Susan Batson's studio is my first acting studio, and always will be. How lucky am i to have started with the best. Susan has guided me through a personal exploration of my own emotions and memories that has journeyed me to a place without fear, doubt, or hesitation with my vessel. Susan ignites you, she connects you to the root of any script by discovering the root emotion within yourself that enables you to embody the character of the script you want to bring to life. Susan nurtures a confident building approach that comforts you to feel safe to explore your instrument. You are able expose your true self, your true emotions to reach the true characters spirit. The Susan Batson Technique is something that you will take with you to hit the mark of your auditions and casted roles at any moment if you solidly hold to its method. I cannot find the words to express how much of a difference she has gifted to my skill as an actor and my life. You must experience it for yourself. Not only will you discover the truth of your actor, you will discover the truth within yourself. There is no one like Susan Batson, because she will help you to discover theres no one like you.    


Anais Almonte

Being at Susan Batson studio has taught me to be prepared both mentally and physically for the opportunity. I been able to learn deeply the structure to break the role down and how to attack it and also Having the confidence to own and become the character she’s not only a master in the art but a Genius, to be in her presence and learned her method is a life changed for any actor and I am so proud to be part of her studio.